Kate GosselinAs a mother of 8 kids and has never been a workout enthusiast, Kate Gosselin started to run to have a better and a fit body. Many people are not working out and there are just a few who really sets time for exercise and bodybuilding help. However, for a mom of 8 kids, running and competing at marathons would be a great challenge. Last June 3, Kate Gosselin sets personal record for half-marathon landing on number 13 on the 1-mile marathon for just about one hour and fifty six minutes.

It is a new record for her and a good achievement as well. For people who want to be in shape, there are some simple Kate Gosselin1things that they have to remind themselves about, and one of those is that one has to do it not for anyone but for himself. It is easy to set up some plans but keeping up with the process is absolutely a challenge. Running could be exhausting, but once you tried it out, you will find it really satisfying not only physically, emotionally, and mentally, just like what Kate probably did.

Running on treadmills has a different environment as compared to running outside and seeing different views. It is the same opinion Kate had when she started running outdoors. It made her calm and free from all the worries she had in mind. Working out is not only good for our body but it also helps us find the calmness we need and also to be free from all the worries and problems even just for a small period of time.

Spending time to exercise and to do some small workouts could not only develop our physical aspect, but also our mental stability and our emotional level. Running may not be for everyone, but definitely there are plenty of workouts out there that anyone could give a try.

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