FoodsDo you know why hungry people focus on food words? The answer to this question is the general consensus among health experts today regarding the different perspective of people to foods every time they are hungry. According to several studies, famished individuals have the tendency to visualize food related words much clearly that those people who have eaten a while ago. If you will analyze this finding, you will see that the perspective of one person to foods varies depending on the state of his stomach at a particular time.

Various psychologists have been doing several studies about the things happening inside the head of the people who are hungry. These people have recognized the fact that a hungry child might have a different view in things around him when compared to the kid whose stomach is full.

According to Remi Radel, a researcher based on the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France, it is the human brain Foods1that plays a large role on why there are the different perspective and views about foods of those people who are hungry and those that have satisfied stomach.

Before various researchers have arrived at their conclusion, there are several tests that have been conducted, all of which involved several people. These people were asked to eat foods until their stomachs tell them to stop, and then asked to view a particular object. Afterwards,  another set of people who are not allowed to eat any foods were also asked presented the same item and asked what they think about it. The results of this experiment shows that there are discrepancies between the views of the two groups of people, where the hungry individuals are seeing things differently than those whose stomachs are full. This also explains why hungry people have the tendency to focus their attention on food words, since their brain is telling them that they need to eat and feed their stomachs.

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