Carrot1Caption this – picture a carrot, eat a carrot. In case you are giving importance to your health above anything, then knowing what carrots can do for you is one of the things that you should do. The fact that carrots are capable of providing you numerous benefits is already proven and is well known to many people. In fact, there are some schools that have programs wherein they encourage their students to eat vegetables such as carrots by posting pictures of these foods in the lunch treys of their canteen or cafeteria.

Posting photos of carrots have produced positive results wherein there is the increased in the students who eat this vegetable. There is the 12 % increase of the students who took this food, which is a big improvement in the drive of the schools to promote healthy eating habits to their students.

Here are some of the significant developments that have occurred ever since the post a carrot, eat a carrot program has been implemented:

  • Carrot37% of kids schooling in Richfield, Minn., elementary school have assisted themselves in eating carrots compared to the 15% who took the green beans. These figures took place when pictures of the respective vegetables have been posted in cafeteria and canteen’s treys.
  • Photos of carrots are encouraging students, most particularly the young kids to eat vegetables and avoid eating junk foods.
  • Parents of the students who are persuaded to eat vegetable such as carrots are happy and satisfied with the result of the mentioned program, as they are amazed on the big changes in their kids’ eating preference, especially when it comes to eating vegetables.

Although there are still some kids who are staying away from eating vegetables, it has been projected that the vegetables consumption will likely increase in the following days.

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